EngJunior Enrichment Programs

At EngJunior, we involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in your children education. We inspire children to be creative and curious and help them to find a passion for problem-solving and exploring new concepts through a range of programs.

Our vision is getting kids to the STEM, so they could have a better understanding of the path that they want to follow in the future. We will take complex real-life applications and challenges and making them a child’s play. Consequently, they will learn by playing. We will engage schools throughout incursion, after school, holiday program to increase the readiness of Primary School students for Secondary School and the future careers with an emphasis on STEM learning.

Incursion at your school with EngJunior

After school with EngJunior

Birthday party with EngJunior

Award and Achivment

We’re pleased to announce that we won the Young Business Achiever Award 2019. 

We received this award because EngJunior brings engineering and science to life with fun, practical activities for primary school aged children.

EngJunior helps young people grow their love for science and engineering.


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